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‘Books’ by Mateus Domingos

‘Books’ by Mateus Domingos

Through his use of pen on paper, Mateus Domingo creates stories. I’ve not read his work with words, but if it’s anything like his simple yet ingenious illustrations, his words must create unusual, sometimes sad but engaging tales.   Mateus’ naked characters are often found in strange situations, creating a subtle dark humour that definitely made me smile. He was kind enough to answer some questions for me about what happens when pen hits paper. 

Name you credit your work with: Mateus Domingos

Weapon of choice (medium in which you create!) and why?

Pen and card for drawing and writing, it’s easy to switch between ideas.

Where do you tend to draw your inspiration from?

All kinds of films inspire the composition of the drawings.

On your Etsy page, you explain ‘These drawings often feature naked people, chairs, yoga, falling, running and balancing’; why is it that you find yourself attracted to drawing these themes?

I seem to like drawing people and people doing these actions are often funny or strange. They are also simple things and they look especially funny (but also sad and lonely) when the character is naked. I’ve just been through art school so I’ve got a lot of theoretical hang ups about how I make work and reducing an element of my practice to the drawing of these actions is quite a nice way of stepping outside of all that. I also like the idea that it can be reduced to a list of things like that as it establishes rules to be broken!

You also explain that you are primarily a writer; do you find your drawings and writing feed off of each other in any way? Do you find when drawing you create ideas for your writing, and vice versa?

The writing is usually about exactly the same ideas as I’m usually trying to explore in the drawing, which are issues of time, reality, love, desire and loss. They are happening to different characters though and in different worlds so I don’t really see them as in direct dialogue. I think it’s often more important that the drawings are funny, and maybe it’s the positioning of these characters in funny ways that influences the writing, just through that consideration of the body.

Was there anything specific that influenced your drawing Books?

I often draw or write things to see if I believe them. I think I wanted to know whether I believed in books.

What are the details of Books? (Inks, paper used etc.)

Black fineliner on 200gsm card.

Who are your artistic idols?

John Baldessari and Joan Miró especially. These drawings are probably the result of a high exposure to Gary Larson’s The Far Sidewhen I was younger.

Do you have a favourite piece of work,? Something you are particularly proud of?

Of the drawings I have online right now, I really like Remorse. Sometimes the figures come out a little too normal, In Remorse the guy has a good weirdness. Also it’s one of the ones that i find quite happy and sad.

Are you working on anything special currently?  

I’m working on an edit of a short novel I wrote. It’s the first time I’ve worked with an editor and the collaboration aspect of it is really good and I think it’s adding a lot to the original text.

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