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‘Love is my drug’ by Lexie Harding

‘Love is my drug’ by Lexie Harding

Reminiscent of a theatrical Betty Boop animation (or maybe even a little Toot Braunstein from Drawn Together) Lexie Harding’s lino cut of a woman throwing back a prescription container full of love hearts grabbed my interest not only through it’s vintage simplicity, but also through a subtle sense of sarcasm, making you almost scoff at the hopelessness of the print’s subject. Harding answered a few questions for me, though I’m still kind of puzzled as to how her works comes out so eery.

Name: Lexie Harding
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Weapon of choice (medium in which you create!) and why?

Linocuts and collagraphs. I enjoy the process of printmaking with its intense tactile qualities. The smell of ink, different textures of paper, malleability of linoleum and the physical act of wiping ink from collagraph plates.

What generally influences your artwork?

People, places and events in my life are the inspiration of my work.

You explain in your Etsy bio that your ideas come from everyday living; things you hear on the street and things your daughters say, however your work possesses  a slightly sinister side, even your print Family  has an ‘American Gothic’  feel; is this something you try and achieve, creating something strange out of what may have been a fleeting moment of over-heard conversation?

I take snippets from everyday life and use them to make an image that tells a story, often poignantly satirical.

‘Love is my Drug’ radiates a 1920s drama about it, like a theatrical Betty Boop cartoon; what was the inspiration for the piece?

Recently I read an article entitled Love is the New Drug and from that I envisioned this image.

What are the details of Love is my Drug? (Inks, paper used etc.)

 I’ve printed Love is my Drug on Somerset Satin paper using Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. black oil based ink.

Who are your artistic idols?

Artistic idols … that’s hard. I love William Steig’s illustrations, Grown Ups Get To Do All The Driving is one of my favourite children’s books. Colin Moore (printmaker), Robin Arseneault (installation artist) and Ken Housego (mixed media).

Do you have a favourite piece of work,? Something you are particularly proud of?

I have a collage piece that I won’t part with. It’s made up of a mix of 30 – 2″ x 3″ linocuts, watercolours and found items.

Are you working on anything special currently? 

I am currently working on a collagraph called Duke’s Last Meal. An old watch dog moves to a farm to live out his last years, eats the family’s pet rabbit and dies in his sleep.

 Lexie Harding on Etsy