‘Bumble Bees’ by Michael Torrance

‘Bumble Bees’ by Michael Torrance

Michael Torrance’s lino print Bumble Bees caught my eye one day while trawling through Etsy. It initially exudes a bold contemporary aesthetic through its simplicity and sparse use of  bright colours, but the more I looked the more i was reminded of the pages of a vintage encyclopedia displaying a line up of insects and their scientific names. The Glaswegian artist briefly answered a few questions for me about his artwork and it’s inspirations.

Name you credit your work with: Tournesol Prints
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Weapon of choice (medium in which you create!) and why?

Linoprinting as it is the easiest medium with which to print and for now, I don’t have much room in which to work.

Before discovering lino printing/ relief printing in art school, what was your medium and why did you take to lino print?

No specific medium but I found the strong contrast in lino print very interesting.

In general, what do you draw inspiration from, for your work?

In general anything from natural although buildings and architecture are always interesting too.

What I’ve seen of your work on Etsy, it usually depicts not just natural scenes but the intricacies of nature; insects, feathers, flower seeds- is it challenge trying to recreate/interpret these delicate structures?

There is a challenge in using the materials as they can be unforgiving, but rewarding when the print is successful.

Was there any particular inspiration behind Bumble Bees, how did the idea for the lino print spawn?

Last year there was a lot in the news about the decline of bees and what people could do to encourage them in gardens.

What are the details of the Bumble Bees print? (ink, paper details etc.)

Linseed oil based ink on Zerkall mould made paper.

Who are your artistic idols (if any?)

Angie Lewin, David Hockney.

Are you working on anything special currently? 

More dandelions.

Do you have a favourite piece of work that you have done? Something you are particularly proud of?

Nothing in particular, I just hope to try and improve on each piece of work.